Returning to 1966, in that year the Municipality took over the management of the Theatre.
In 1968 the Donizetti was included, by government measure, in the list of “Teatri di tradizione”, in recognition of its cultural identity. The Theatre carried out a production activity that was not only generically lyrical or concert-related, but was channelled in a specific direction, that of safeguarding, rediscovering and re-proposing Donizetti’s production, inserted however in the culture of the time.
In 1973, with the opera Il Sogno by Roman Vlad, the experience of the Teatro delle Novità (Theatre of New Features) came to an end.
For the recognition of the lesser-known Donizetti, in 1982 the “Donizetti e il suo tempo” (Donizetti and his time) Festival was launched, an event that aimed to study and rediscover the great composer from Bergamo in relation to the musical, cultural, and social climate of the years in which he lived. The biennial Donizetti Prize, is also worth mentioning, in recognition of performers who, during their careers, have contributed authoritatively to the appreciation of the composer’s art.