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The 41st edition of the Bergamo Jazz Festival will be held from 17th to 24th March 2019: a very important step in the long, eventful history of a musical event that is universally considered by press and public from all over the world one of the most prestigious jazz dates in Italy (and beyond); a privileged showcase of the world of international jazz and the myriad of styles that constitute it with important artists, the protagonists of a music genre that has rightfully been given the definition “universal”, and as such has been officially recognised by UNESCO.

Its natural international roots have remained unchanged over time, and the Festival has gradually also established a relationship with the territory, through a network of cultural and entrepreneurial collaborations which has grown over time.  Particular attention is placed on those associations seen as a cultural reference point for young people. 

Bergamo Jazz proposes itself within a perspective of hospitality and innovation: the festival programmes increasingly highlight the dialogue between tradition and innovation – an aspect that is also evident from the places chosen to host the concerts: areas usually frequented by young people as well as locales that symbolise the City’s cultural and historical heritage.

Bergamo Jazz has been a member of I-Jazz since 2017. The national association unites the main jazz festivals in Italy and is a reference point for MIBACT for its policies of intervention in favour of the world of Italian Jazz. This membership is a further testimony of the desire to be a part of a network, to set up a dialogue with other national associations working in the same sector. On the subject, the 2017 edition included a significant meeting on a proposed law regarding live music in which exponents of the world of politics and culture also participated. 

Furthermore, this public intervention involving private individuals allowed the latter – unlike what is happening today – to influence the management choices to ensure they can be certain of the use of the resources employed and the results to be obtained; moreover, if we want to improve managerial efficiency and effectiveness, the best thing is the activation of an effective network of fundraisers to increase extraordinary income through a policy that induces other economic subjects to view the festival as a marketing opportunity.