The public will be able to discover Donizetti Theatre interiors thanks to an interactive and immersive audio guide in which the Theatre itself guides the visitors. The project is inspired by the image of a theatre that, when its audience returns, lights up with its own light and comes to life. In a journey through time from the eighteenth century to the present day, the rebirth of the Donizetti and the restart of the Bergamo community, as well as the whole of civil society, are recounted. The Theatre lights up, reveals itself and guides us to the discovery of its present, past, and future, offering information and anecdotes about its history and its protagonists. The tour is open to everyone and is also available in English.


idea, text, and stage direction Francesco Venturi
dramaturgy consultants Clelia Epis, Maria Teresa Galati, Alessandra Giolo, Alice Guarente, Silvia Lorenzi, Paola Rivolta
with the voices of Maurizio Donadoni and Claire Dowie
music freely taken from the works of Gaetano Donizetti
Donizetti Opera Orchestra String Quartet Massimo Spadano, Giulia Cerra, Christian Serazzi, Andrea Cavuoto
sound design William Geroli
live sound engineer Nicola Gualandris
music recorded by Paolo Guerini
assistant director Maria Teresa Galati
décor Paola Rivolta and Cinzia Mascheroni
English translation Elena di Giovanni