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The project on the rediscovery of Donizetti continues in Bergamo with the fifth edition of Donizetti Opera, an international festival dedicated to the composer from Bergamo with the artistic direction of Francesco Micheli. From November 15 to December 1, 2019 three important titles will be staged: for the cycle # donizetti200 Peter the Great, Tsar of the Russias (November 15 and 23, 1 December), followed by the world premiere staging of the opera L’ange de Nisida which was believed lost (November 16 and 21), and finally one of the most loved masterpieces, Lucrezia Borgia (22, 24 and 30 November) in a new critical edition.

The Donizetti Opera 2019 festival is therefore enriched with a third title covering a wider period; the formula remains the same, well established and appreciated by the public – with ever increasing numbers, both local and international – with opera titles intertwining during the course of three weekends around the Dies natalis (November 29) and a series of daily appointments, from the open rehearsals for the under 30s, to children shows, chamber music concerts, sacred repertoire, voice recitals all enriching the festival music programme.

The 2019 festival programme shows how rich it is as well as being a means to rediscover Donizetti’s operatic legacy. This is entrusted to the care and research of the scientific department of the Fondazione Teatro Donizetti, directed by Paolo Fabbri, constantly engaged in involving the international musicological community for an ever deeper codification of the composer’s musical identity. In this perspective, the choice of the editions to be performed is key: in fact, with the staging of Lucrezia Borgia (1833), directed by Riccardo Frizza – musical director of the festival – and in its new edition by Roger Parker and Rosie Ward, continues the collaboration with Casa Ricordi, which for thirty years has been carrying out the Critical Edition of the Works of Gaetano Donizetti, at the beginning with the Municipality of Bergamo, today with the Fondazione Teatro Donizetti.

The editions of the other two titles are equally interesting. Peter the Great, Tsar of the Russias (1819), curated by Maria Chiara Bertieri – from the research promoted by the Fondazione Teatro Donizetti – who used the two existing manuscript musical sources which have come down to us: the autograph score (at the Archivio Storico Ricordi) complete and corresponding largely to the libretto of the first performance and a handwritten copy of the first act without the symphony, (at the Museo Donizettiano di Bergamo), by the copyist Zamboni, extremely faithful to the autograph and therefore probably drawn from it.

For the L’ange de Nisida – a case of rediscovery and reconstruction which has dominated the news in recent months up to the its presentation in a concert in July in London – the edition will be that of Candida Mantica (Opera Rara/Peters, Lipsia in Italy for Sonzogno), a young researcher from Calabria with a doctorate from Southampton University, who worked for eight years on manuscript sheets at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris, which were heaped without any order in 18 containers and was able to identify about 470 manuscript pages by Donizetti, thanks also to the copy of a draft of the libretto preserved in Bergamo.

The Donizetti Revolution, the musicological as well as theatrical and biographical rediscovery of the composer from Bergamo carried out by Micheli, does not stop at the festival but takes place also in the highly anticipated summer event, the Donizetti Night, which is scheduled for Saturday June 15, 2019. For the fifth Night a call has been published to involve artists, companies and associations to propose new projects to be included among the night shows dedicated to Gaetano Donizetti (proposals can be sent until 10 January 2019 regarding the most diverse fields of research and expression, provided that explicit reference to the figure of Gaetano Donizetti remains. For further information and participation forms: