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The third edition of the Donizetti Opera, the International festival dedicated to the composer from Bergamo, planned by artistic director Francesco Micheli, will be taking place at the Teatro Sociale from 21 November to 2 December, 2018. The much appreciated formula is identical to the previous one, where local and international audience will enjoy two operas – alternating over the two weekends next to the composer’s birthday (29 November) – and a series of daily events like open rehearsals for youth under the age of 30, a show for children, chamber concerts, sacred music, vocal recitals, all contributing to a rich musical festival.

The opera the festival will be producing under the #donizetti200 label is Enrico di Borgogna (23, 25 November – 1 December), the young composer’s “debut in society”, which premiered in Venice in 1818 at the opening of what is known today as the Teatro Goldoni.

The Festival’s program is already raising interest around its second opera, Il Castello di Kenilworth (24, 30 November – 2 December), the first of the three operas that Donizetti dedicated to Elizabeth I of England (for this reason it is often referred to as “Elisabetta al Castello di Kenilworth”). For the occasion, Riccardo Frizza will be making his debut on the podium of the Festival of which he is Musical Director.

The operas will be seeing the frontline involvement of the scientific section of the Foundation led by Paolo Fabbri, constantly committed to an in-depth musicological codification of the composer’s musical identity.

The Donizetti Night will be taking place on Saturday 16 June 2018, on the lower city, along the Sentierone, Bergamo’s historical avenue.