11th September 2020

The theatre, almost completed, is coming more and more into shape and splendour after three years of construction work.
The renovation works involved the entire structure and were mainly aimed at creating rooms for the orchestra in the area below the stalls, the mobile orchestra pit, a new building for the dressing rooms, a new ticket office, as well as new premises for the main bar and the public bar in the gallery. Also new are the west wing with offices, the rehearsal rooms, catering, and audience activity rooms. All the boxes, the ceiling of the stalls and the foyer have been completely renovated.
The building site has collected records in terms of numbers: considering the workers, technicians and professionals who have alternated on the site, we have reached a total of 32,500 working days and almost 260,000 working hours complessive. An incredible human effort to which extraordinary numbers must be added in terms of materials and machinery used.
A truly impressive project designed to make the Donizetti a modern theatre, in line with the most recent safety regulations, but above all a place to bring people together irrespective of the shows on stage, which the city can enjoy all year round in different spaces.

Photo by Gianfranco Rota