Auditorium di Piazza della Libertà

Vocals and piano for a concert featuring the male voice of European jazz par excellence and a prodigious talent who comes from Brazil but has found his artistic home in France. The encounter originates in the album Be My Guest - The Duos Project released in 2021: a collection of 15 duets with, among others, Tigran Hamasyan, Hamilton de Holanda, Ran Blake, Nguyên Lê, Magic Malik and Diederik Wissels, whose idea the Flemish singer is also continuing with other artists not featured on that album. Born in Brussels in 1965, David Linx has made his name on the world jazz scene thanks to the flexibility of his voice.



Sala della Musica "M. Tremaglia" - Teatro Donizetti

HackOut! is a bass-less trio formed in 2019 within the walls of the ‘F. Venezze’ Conservatory in Rovigo. The focal point of the project is the search for their own sound identity following a path of tonal experimentation where interplay plays a fundamental role.



Teatro Donizetti

The new couple of Italian jazz, but not only, given the proven international calibre of both musicians. Although they have always known and esteemed each other and have often played together in various projects, Paolo Fresu and Rita Marcotullu had not thought of getting together properly until recently. The result is a duo that has everything needed to enchant and conquer, against a backdrop of captivating, timeless melodies. Feeling, nuance and poetry in the hearts of two great interpreters of contemporary music: what they have in common is without doubt their search for the ‘beauty’ of the art of music, sometimes in a simple, direct, acoustic way; sometimes, instead, filtered by a bit of electronics that sees the project stray into the immense palette of colours of contemporary music.



Teatro Donizetti

Cécile McLorin Salvant is the new voice of jazz and is gaining popularity everywhere. Her voice has also been described as “unique, sustained by an intelligence and musicality that illuminate every note she sings.” Cécile McLorin Salvant has developed a passion for storytelling and the search for connections between vaudeville, blues, popular traditions from around the world, theatre, jazz and baroque music. Her eclecticism has led her to re-propose forgotten and seldom-recorded songs with new dynamics, unexpected twists and humour. In 2010 she won the Thelonious Monk competition; in 2016, 2018 and 2019 she won Grammies for the best vocal jazz album, with For One To Love, Dreams and Daggers and The Window respectively; in 2022 she won the Down Beat referendums, both that of the international critics and that of the readers of the prestigious US magazine.



Ridotto Gavazzeni - Teatro Donizetti

From the short story ‘Alfòr, una vita a caso’, by Giuseppe Goisis, came the musical fragments and sketches that would later become the songs and images that gave shape to the Thinking Sketches project by the guitarist from Bergamo, Alberto Zanini.