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“NRG Brigdes’ is the acronym behind the most international of these jazz musicians from the Orobic Alps, and the two brothers Andrea and Adalberto Ferrari, or Novotono, who have already released two interesting recordings, Overlays and Wood (Winds) at Work, and were guests two years ago in the ‘Scintille di Jazz’ section of Bergamo Jazz.  The synergistic encounter between the composite musical world of Gianluigi Trovesi and his younger colleagues has already led to a number of concerts and the production of a recently-released album. The crux of the trio is to create an expressive bridge between the individual musicians using composition and improvisation and contrast it against the background of an interplay that becomes a single interwoven sound in a constant exchange of communicative energies. The repertoire emphasises these distinctive features of the interplay and originality of both the personalities of the individual soloists and the trio itself.

The concert marks the first time Bergamo Jazz has been performed outside the city itself. The setting itself makes this a special concert – the Sorgente Nossana in Ponte Nossa, where one of the aqueducts managed by UniAcque (the water company for the Province of Bergamo) is located, as well as because of its symbolic significance. The Seriana Valley was, as is sadly known, one of the most affected areas in Italy by Covid 19. This concert is our way of contributing to the rebirth and positivity in that area.

In collaboration with UNIACQUE

Free entry with reservation (limited seating available)