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The juggling festival dedicated to Enrico Rastelli: the great juggler  in collaboration with Ambaradan

A whole weekend dedicated to Enrico Rastelli, an extraordinary artist of international standing and whose origins were strongly rooted in our city, Bergamo.
He has always been known as the “master of equilibrium” and one of the greatest jugglers of all times. He was a true pioneer and his influence is still visible in the props he used and which have now become widely popular.

With a vast repertoire of different, although outdated, techniques, he is still the most famous juggler of all times. His mastery in mixing different styles makes him a forerunner of the current Contemporary Circus movement, based on the combination of different communication methods. All this led to a new vision of Circus Arts, less and less tied to the big top and open to new explorations.

Every year, the festival hosts an internationally renowned artist performing a show on the stage of Social Theatre.

There are also various workshops on circus arts and modern juggling suitable for people of all ages Furthermore a Grand Gala hosts international artists as well as a contest for young jugglers in search of Rastelli’s successors. Finally, the Festival also hosts a match of the international Fight Night Combat tournament, where each juggler challenges the others to a “one-on-one fight”, and a big party with open stage for anyone who wants to perform.