PROSE DRAMA AT THE SOCIALE 2018-09-06T13:49:09+02:00


The Prose Season also comes to the Teatro Sociale, with four shows. Four very different shows in terms of genre, scenery and performance.

The season begins with Uno nessuno centomila, adapted from Pirandello’s novel of the same name. The aim is to offer, alongside Sei personaggi, a diptych on the Sicilian playwright, with two completely different productions: this one is an intense one-man performance by Enrico lo Verso.

Following this is a play by Argentinian Mario Diament, Cita a ciegas, a perfect piece for the minimalist staging directed by Andrée Ruth Shammah. A bench which becomes the hub for interweaving stories and lives, and a cast of excellent actors, including the brilliant Gioele Dix and Laura Marinoni.
There’s a decidedly comic interlude with Banda Osiris and its Il maschio inutile, which takes an ironic look at the evolution of the male species, but also explores the science behind it, with reflections by epistomologist Telmo Pievani.

The section concludes with Si nota all’imbrunire, a new play from writer-director Lucia Calamaro, directed for the first time by Silvio Orlando.

Following is a small jewel of theatre-circus (a genre now loved by the Bergamo public), Le Cirque Invisible, offered by Jean Baptiste Thierrée and Victoria Chaplin. The two artists were guests during the first season of Other Ways in long ago 1980, with their Cirque Bonjour. Also this time, the daughter of Charlie Chaplin and her husband distil circus art into pure poetry.

The programme ends with the monologue Muri, with text and direction by Renato Sarti. Interpreted by the well-known actress, Giulia Lazzarini. With the showcasing of this event, the aim is to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the Basaglia Law (1978).