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Every year Altri Percorsi – in the tradition of this artistic direction – dedicates space to newcomers who never performed here previously.

This year’s newcomers to Teatro Sociale are two young companies: Occhisulmondo, with a rigorous and poetic version of Hamlet in their show Un Principe, and Punta Corsara with Il cielo in una stanza, a show that involves plenty of laughter, but also reflection on a complex environment like the city of Naples.

This section opens in December with an homage to singer Gian Maria Testa, directed by Giorgio Gallione and narrated by Giuseppe Cederna: a version of Testa’s book Da questa parte del mare. After this, Bergamo will see the return after many years of a play directed by Gigi dall’Aglio, with his version of Antigone by Sophocles, an ATIR Teatro Ringhiera production. The Fondazione Teatro Donizetti continues its collaboration with the Milan company by offering it rehearsal space.

Two shows of completely different kinds trace the memory of our country’s past: in La lista Laura Curino tells the incredible story of Pasquale Rotondi who, as a humble superintendent of culture during the Second World War, saved almost 10,000 works of Italian art, hiding them from the ravages of the conflict and Nazi plundering; in  Casa del Popolo the Teatro dell’Argine uses a carousel of characters and situations to tell the story of the People’s Houses in Emilia Romagna, with a perspective that’s simultaneously amused and poetic. The season closes with Marcel: Bergamo actor Marcello Magni appears  for the first time in the Altri Percorsi section; extremely well-known in France and England, his career ran alongside two giants of twentieth-century theatre: Jacques Lecoq and Peter Brook. The latter’s company Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord has also produced Marcel, a two-man piece with Jos Houben, in which Magni presents a melancholy and entertaining reflection on the passing of time.

Two other shows are then devoted to an intercultural theme: Maryam by the Teatro delle Albe (which with Va ‘pensiero creates a pair of works dedicated to this company from Ravenna) and Lireta. On stage are two amazing performers: Ermanna Montanari and Paola Roscioli, the first a voice virtuoso and the second a master storyteller, who leads the viewer through the powerful text written for her by Mario Perrotta.

Spiro Scimone and Francesco Sframeli present their very personal vision “of the surreal and visionary contemporary self, with the force of an original reworking of the literary and drama experiences that marked the twentieth century, from Beckett to Pinter” in their latest work, Amore (winner of the 2016 Ubu Prize as the best new work/drama and best scenery).

This year, there is also a first-time experimental intermingling with the Bergamo Jazz Festival, with the poetic words of Mariangela Gualtieri and the music of Stefano Battaglia in Porpora. A sound ritual for heaven and earth gives life to a dialogue between two high-level languages.

Lastly, Teatro Donizetti’s production, Accabadora, from the text by Michela Murgia (winner of the 2010 Campiello Award and translated all over the world). Directed by Veronica Cruciani and with an interpretation by Monica Piseddu (winner of the 2007 Ubu Award as best supporting actress, 2015 Critics Award, 2015 Ubu Prize for Best Actress, 2015 Le Maschere Award for Best Supporting Actress, and 2016 Hystrio Prize for Acting).