ALTRI PERCORSI 2019-06-07T15:42:34+02:00


For Altri Percorsi (Other Paths) space to new presences never hosted before.

This year, there are two young companies: Kepler-452 with an extravagant contemporary reinterpretation of Il giardino dei ciliegi and Stivalaccio Teatro, a talented team that brings the original spirit of the comedy of art to the stage in L’amore è saltimbanco. For the first time in Other Paths, there will be even the author-actor Corrado Accordino with Così tanta bellezza, an exhortation not to miss the beauty opportunities we have in our daily life.

Il Kismet Theatre of Bari with Anfitrione comes back in the season, where the director Teresa Ludovico plays with mastery on the theme of the double, interpretative node of the text of Plautus. At the Creberg Theatre another great classic, Macbeth, staged by the Teatro Stabile di Bolzano directed by Serena Sinigaglia. On the bill two solos by great narrators-interpreters: Marta Cuscunà and Mario Perrotta. The first with È bello vivere liberi!, which traces the all-female history of the first Italian partisan, the second with In nome del padre, which faces the figure of the father in our contemporary society through three men, three different ways of seeing one’s child and oneself.