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The programme has been defined to lend Händel’s most celebrated masterpieces to the voices of Caterina and Margherita Sala, two of Italy’s most promising opera singers in the limelight of stages throughout Europe.

Considered by many to be the most complete Baroque composer (whose output is as wide-ranging in the sacred as it is in the profane and instrumental spheres), the Anglo-German composer Händel owes much of his formation to his years of apprenticeship in Italy. Indeed, it is no coincidence that shortly after his time in Italy, he composed the opera ‘Rinaldo’, which was an immediate success and of which we offer some excerpts in this programme.

Carefully chosen from his most famous operas ‘Rinaldo’, ‘Giulio Cesare’, ‘Alcina’, ‘Radamisto’, the arias in this programme show all the nuances of the human soul that the composer manages to express in music, enriched with a selection of his instrumental pieces.


G. F. Händel
Concerto Grosso Op. 3 n°4, 1 mov
Aria: “Tornami a vagheggiar” da “Alcina” (soprano)
Aria: “Qual nave smarrita” da Radamisto (contralto)
Concerto Grosso Op. 3 n°4, 3 mov
Aria: “Venti turbini” da “Rinaldo” (contralto)
Aria: “Lascia ch’io pianga” da “Rinaldo” (soprano)
Concerto Grosso Op. 3 n°4, 4 mov
Aria: “Furie terribili” da “Rinaldo” (soprano)
Aria: “Cara Sposa” da “Rinaldo” (contralto)
Concerto Grosso Op. 3 n°4, 2 mov
Aria: “Vorrei vendicarmi” da “Alcina” (contralto)
Recitativo e Aria: “Se pietà di me non senti” da “Giulio Cesare” (soprano)
Duetto: “Per abbattere il rigore” da “Aminta e Fillide” (soprano, contralto)

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