Donizetti On. Switch the lights of the Teather back on
A virtual tour of the renovated Donizetti Theater

The web TV of the Donizetti Opera Festival shows the version specifically designed for home viewing of “Donizetti ON. Switch the lights of the theatre back on”, a three-part virtual tour of the renovated Donizetti Theatre, created by Francesco Venturi, who also wrote the libretto and directed the project. This new format stems from the wish of the Fondazione Teatro Donizetti (the Donizetti Theatre Foundation) to let the public discover the renovated Donizetti Theatre in an immersive and engaging way. However, once again, to adapt to the restrictions imposed by the battle against Covid-19, we have devised a virtual version of the original guided tour which offers to the public as soon as they can return to the theatre, thanks also to UniAcque. The virtual tour is a theatrical tale, divided into three episodes. The three episodes of the project, also in this web version, describe a journey through time, from the 18th century to the present day: the narrative voice of Maurizio Donadoni recounts the rebirth of the Donizetti and the restart of the Bergamo community, as well as of the entire civil society. The theatre lights up, unfolds itself and guides us to the discovery of its present, past, and future. Aimed at everyone, from families to specialised audiences.

The music is taken freely from Donizetti’s operas and performed by the soloists of the Donizetti Opera Orchestra. The dramaturgy idea was developed in collaboration with Francesco Micheli. The route was instead designed by the festival’s didactics office consisting of Clelia Epis, Maria Teresa Galati, Alessandra Giolo, Alice Guarente, Silvia Lorenzi, Paola Rivolta. The video footage was shot by NT Next.

Visit Bergamo: Social Theatre Tour

teatro sociale bergamo

If you are visiting the city of Bergamo and planning a guided tour, the Social Theatre is an unmissable destination for a unique Bergamasco stay. The guided visit of the stuccoes, stages and halls give you a glimpse into the backstage and secrets of the Theatre and its actors, looking back at history from its origins up to today.


Duration: 45 minutes / 1 hour
Guided tour fee: €130.00 (fixed price, regardless of number of participants)
Number of participants: from 1 to a max of 25 people
Point of departure: Piazza Vecchia

Donizetti Tour

In the Upper Town there is the Donizetti’s Birthplace, it is located in the district of Borgo Canale, once a popular neighbourhood and today a privileged place to admire the hill of San Virgilio, which dominated the city with the remains of its castle and a suggestive landscape characterized by vegetable gardens and gardens. In Via Arena we meet the baroque palace of MIA (Congregation of the Misericordia Maggiore of Bergamo, an ancient non-profit institution, very active in the charitable, welfare, educational and training fields) which is home of the Donizetti Museum and of the music library. In Duomo Square there is the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the most important city monument built in the 12th century. At the end of the aisle are preserved the remain of Donizetti and those of his master Hans Simon Mayr, who was born in Bavaria and lived in Bergamo where he founded a music and singing school. Teatro Sociale is also located in the Upper Town.

Duration : 3 hours
On weekdays € 210,00 + € 3,00 per person for the entrance of Donizetti Museum + € 3,00 per person for the entrance of Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore
Saturday and Sunday € 190,00 + €3,00 per person for the entrance of Donizetti Museum + € 3,00 per person for the entrance of Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore
Groups: max 25 people
Meeting: Donizetti’s Birthplace (via Borgo Canale, 14)

Teatro Sociale Tour + Gaetano Donizetti’s Natal Home

A tour in the Upper Town that includes two of the places managed by the Donizetti Theatre Foundation: a guided tour of the Teatro Sociale, among the city’s architectural jewels, and one at the Gaetano Donizetti’s Natal Home, where the great composer from Bergamo was born in 1797.

Duration: 1 hour and a half
On weekdays € 170,00
Saturday and Sunday € 160,00
Groups: max 25 people
Meeting: Piazza Vecchia

Gaetano Donizetti’s Natal Home

Due to the continuing health emergency caused by the spread of Covid-19, public access to Gaetano Donizetti’s Natal Home has been suspended.

The house where Gaetano Donizetti was born is a five-storey building dating back to medieval times. The Donizetti family lived in the basement. Purchased by the Municipality of Bergamo in 1925, the building was declared a National Monument in 1926 as it was «of historical interest». To mark the first centenary of Donizetti’s death (1948), and then in 1973, the basement was restored and opened to the public. In 2007, the Municipality of Bergamo began restoration work that led to its full opening in 2009 and to the management being entrusted to the Fondazione Teatro Donizetti (Donizetti Theatre Foundation).

The visit includes access to the various rooms of historical interest in the building to provide an overview of the life of the composer from Bergamo, with references to the events linked to his Maestro Mayr and to the theatre.

Devices to accompany the visit –Impronte sonore (Sound footprints):

“Impronte Sonore” (“Sound footprints”) is a sound journey into the past, into the voices and noises at the time and in the places of the young Gaetano Donizetti. Using a binaural microphone recording, an immersive holophonic narration has been created, evoking the everyday life of a humble 19th century family, and immersing the listener in three-dimensional sound environments.
“Impronte Sonore” (“Sound footprints”), thanks to its peculiarity compared to a traditional audio guide, accompanies the user not through sight but through hearing. The application allows the user to customise the route and time of the visit. The visitor can thus navigate freely among the contents of the three floors of the Natal Home, “The house where he was born”, “The Pupil and the Maestro” and “The Donizetti Theatre” respectively.

Opening times:
– Saturday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
– Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2.30 p.m. to 6 p.m.
– from Monday to Friday it is possible, by reservation only, to request a special opening. To submit a request, download and fill in the form.
The entrance to the Natal Home is not accessible to wheelchairs.

– full ticket € 3,00
– for groups of at least 15 people or for groups accompanied by a licensed guide € 2,00.

Contact details:
• from Monday to Friday: 035.4160618
Saturday and Sunday: 035.244483

Via Borgo Canale, 14
24129 – Bergamo (BG)

For bookings and informations please write to:

Marco Pelucchi

Tel: +39 035 416 0618