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Eighteen strings, hammers, springs, screws, separate outputs for each string and objects stolen from everyday life – all this contributes to making the absolutely original and unique instrument which Paolo Angeli has invented from the traditional Sardinian guitar. In this instrument, as in the music of the musician from Sassari, tradition and innovation, ancient and modern sounds coexist in a surprising mix of choruses, jazz, rock, noise and avant pop. On this occasion, Paolo Angeli will be presenting his project dedicated to Radiohead – not just a reinterpretation of songs by the famous English band, but a suite designed according to a precise dramaturgical thread in which ideas taken from the songs of Thom Yorke’s band blend with ideas generated on the spot by the guitarist. In fact, each of Paolo Angeli’s performances is experienced through the practice of free improvisation and represents a challenge to shape the sounds generated by what can be defined as a real ‘guitar orchestra’.