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The gag is a poem. It makes us laugh by its surprise effect, the virtuosity of its performance and the humanity it reveals. It frees us from everyday predictability, celebrates the actor’s art in close complicity with the audience and unveils the universal nature of our physical condition.

Marcel is this human gag that all of us are. In the real world, with its multitude of obstacles, he retains his equilibrium as best he can. And despite the fact that his bodily age denies him the agility of his youth, he still has an ace up his sleeve: his boyish spirit. He invents shortcuts, takes us by surprise, pushes us beyond our limits… For Marcel the battle is never won, but neither is it lost…

This new piece is born of our desire to remember the silence and the movements of our bodies at our beginnings with the Théâtre de Complicité: it’s a celebration of the burlesque universe.