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Bergamo Jazz 2020 officially opens with a single performance made even more suggestive by the special setting that hosts it. Icaro Solo sees Luca Aquino move in the space of the Cathedral Museum with his trumpet filtered by electronic effects. Not a simple concert but a “sound action” that seeks contact with the environment, with archaeological finds, with the public. Icaro mixes acoustic and electronic sounds, one wants to say the “sacred” with the “profane”. And it is the title of one of the albums that laid the foundations of the international ascent of the trumpeter from Campania: Aquino recorded it in 2010 in the Church of Sant’Agostino in Benevento, his hometown. Since then, the performance has been exceptionally re-proposed only in places that its creator considers particularly suitable.

Having recently recovered from health problems, Luca Aquino returns to Bergamo almost three years after the performance, right in the Cathedral, of Al Amal, another of his most successful projects.