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The story begins in a compromised world in which Azucena’s trauma, amplified on stage, has affected the lives of those who live in a room completely submerged by the remains of a lost world. Nothing is left but charred objects to remind us of the things that were and which will never return. The men who inhabit this place live in complete solitude, wandering the deserted, black earth, trapped in a story that will not let them go, one of a double and terrible pain. One of a woman who has seen her mother die, and who has mistakenly burnt her own son alive. Fire is the murderer, the image that has imprinted itself in her eyes to the point of taking the place of the whole world. Azucena as well as the other characters of this story tread atop the remains that the fire has left behind. With her every step, in the black sea that reminds her of everything, it still burns her skin. No one rid oneself of such pain, no one can free themselves from it. However, there is something in this story which searches for the light that is hidden there, a voice that still sings of true and authentic love which carves through the black and ashen Earth, working to dig up the world that was, a “white peace” that will let everyone breathe freely again. The removal of a trauma, the final cleansing of a soul heavily compromised by pain, the search for the light which is in every one of us, and that is buried under the weight of guilt.’

Roberto Catalano