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Singer, dancer and percussionist from the Ivory Coast, Dobet Gnahoré is one of the new voices of Africa: she debuted in 2004 and since then her name has started to be known worldwide. With the deep knowledge of the béte tradition, learned from her father, a master percussionist from Abidjan who sometimes joins her on stage, Dobet Gnahoré incorporates elements of Congolese rumba, Cameroonian bikoutsi, Ghanaian high-life, Ivorian ziglibiti and more, reaching a rhythmical and sound synthesis of great impact and charm. In addition to English and French, she sings in different African languages ​​- Betè, Fon, Baoulè, Lingala, Wolof, Malinkè, Mina and Bambara -, so that the messages of her songs are can be understood everywhere. Dobet has a warm and powerful voice alongside a magnetic stage presence developed by years of theatrical and choreographic work. Her performances capture the attention from the very first moment, combining the expressive power of song, dance movements and the sounds of percussions (gourds, mbira, balafon), of the acoustic guitar and of all the other small instruments that together create a suggestive and vital palette of colours. Dobet Gnahoré sings about love and defeat, joy and celebration, using a great variety of rhythms and styles for an original and unique trans-African approach.