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More than a concert, one could define it a “musical prayer”. Enveloped in ancient architectures, the sound of Dimitri Grechi Espinoza‘s saxophone is revealed in its wandering in search of harmony and natural resonance encompassing a meaning, a secret. In “Re-Creatio” the musician from Livorno (but Russian by birth) guides our listening to the revelation of primordial images: the sea and the moon, the day and the night, the sky and the sun, the man and the woman. And it is in this re-creating experience that the archetypal images evoked by sound elicit the cycle of life not with a serious aftertaste, but rather with a continuous and playful discovery: re-Creation, but also recreation. For this project, unique in its kind, Dimitri Grechi Espinoza has brought together two of his great passions: the study of sacred science in traditional cultures and research on sound that he has carried out for years in order to rediscover the atmosphere of the sacred places around the world.