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A double-set dedicated to the most innovative vocals, with two of the most talented groups in the Italian experimental music scene.


Vocione is an atypical duo that aligns trombone and voice. The members of this unique venture have developed a taste for all that is uncertain and risky and that leads towards the unknown. A reckless duo in which Marta Raviglia’s voice (electronically manipulated) and Tony Cattano’s trombone confront each other on an unpredictable playing field. It is only the music, from time to time, which suggests strategies. In Vocione’s repertoire, new compositions are joined by pieces borrowed from the jazz and Brazilian traditions, spirituals, Renaissance ballads, Baroque arias and much more.

O-Janà, however, is only ostensibly more ‘conventional’. Alessandra Bossa on piano, Ludovica Manzo on vocals – one from jazz and experimental music, the other from classical and contemporary music. They also experiment on a very personal level, which combines electronics, improvisation and songwriting. Their music explores the possible paths from closed form to total improvisation and vice versa, seeking to expand the boundaries of melody and song form through electronics and collages of sound clips. Pulsations arising from improvisational gestures, bizarre games between sound and word and stories hidden in dream landscapes are elements of their original compositions and live performances.

In cooperation with FONDAZIONE MIA