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The double bassist Federica Michisanti is one of the new names in Italian jazz and one of the most interesting: in just a few years the Roman musician has sparked the interest of both critics and the public with her rigorous expression, underpinned by research that marries the language of jazz to that of chamber music atmospheres. Following her first trio with sax and piano (without the drums), protagonist of the ISK CD, Federica Michisanti works also with another trio, but with two wind instruments: the trumpet of Francesco Lento and the tenor sax (as well as the clarinet) of Francesco Bigoni. The musical essence is similar to that of the previous group: stripped of the sound of the drums and the piano, the melodic and timbral aspect is even more highlighted. The use of the “voices” of two wind instruments, plus that of the double bass, offers the opportunity to proceed in a counterpoint, in a continuous exchange of the parts. The pieces, all composed by the leader, are presented in the form of “suites”, i.e. without interruption, connected by free improvisations or by the structure of the compositions themselves.