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Bergamo Jazz 2015 - XXXVII edition

Bergamo Film Meeting inaugurates Bergamo Jazz

15 March 2015
Auditorium of Piazza della Libertà | 3.30 p.m.
Eva by Joseph Losey
Italy, France 1962, 114'

with Virna Lisi, Jeanne Moreau, Lisa Gastoni, Stanley Baker and Riccardo Garrone.
A British writer who owes his success to a plagiarism meets a hooker in Venice and falls in love with her, becoming her slave. After driving his wife to commit suicide, he thinks about killing Eva. From the novel   Eve (1945) by James Hadley Chase, adapted by Hugo Butler and Ryan Jones. One of the most original and least understood of Losey’s films. An erotic melodrama of the degradation of power and the confusion of the relationship between the sexes.  Moreau is sublime as is the Venetian black and white film of Gianni Di Venanzo. Music by Michel Legrand.

Mose’ Chiavoni – Luciano Biondini Duo
Auditorium of Piazza della Libertà |  6.00 p.m.
Sound track of La bambola di carne (Die Puppe) by Ernst Lubitsch
Mosè Chiavoni (clarinet), Luciano Biondini (accordion)
Germany 1919, 50'


Mosè Chiavoni (clarinet), Luciano Biondini (accordion)
with Max Kronert, Hermann Thimig, Victor Janson, Marga Köhler, Ossi Oswalda

Terrified by a horde of yearning maidens, Lancelot, brave baron, is forced into matrimony by a very sick uncle. He agrees to take a mechanical doll to the altar, the exact “double” of Ossi, the daughter of Hilarius, the maker of automatons and robots. The real Ossi takes his place, triggering amusing misunderstandings.

A fable with a free and easy tone, of gay eccentricity and simulated candour, rich in inventions to the limit of the surreal and psychoanalytical assumptions, not without an amusing anti-clerical vein. Inspired by an operetta of Wilner, based on the tales of E.T.A.

Hoffman, it is a prank with which the director displays the playful component of expressionism. Musical comment of the clarinet player Mosé Chiavoni and accordion player Luciano Biondini designed expressly to celebrate the hand-over between “Bergamo Film Meeting” and “Bergamo Jazz”.

Jazz Movie

17 March 2015
In collaboration with LAB 80
Auditorium of Piazza della Libertà –  8.45 p.m.
We insist by Gianni Amico
1964,  16' b/n

Photographic exhibition based on the emancipation of the Afro-American population with music of the homonymous album of Max Roach (with the voice of Abbey Lincoln), one of the most important and intense jazz albums of the Sixties. 

Followed by

Mo' Better Blues by Spike Lee
USA 1990, 127'
with John Turturro, Denzel Washington, Spike Lee, Joie Lee, Wesley Snipes.

Bleek has become an applauded jazz trumpet player. His manager is his friend Giant, rather too fond of gambling. Bleek, on the other hand, if fought over by two women: the teacher Indigo and the singer Clarke.

Moreover, Shadow, the group’s saxophonist, is strongly drawn to the idea of beating him. Black music as magic and as a curse, white exploiters, homage to the greats of the jazz world. Signed by  Spike Lee. The sound track includes, amongst other things, music by Branford Marsalis, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Charles Mingus.

Jazz Movie

18 March 2015
Auditorium of Piazza della Libertà –  8.45 p.m.
Appunti per un film sul jazz by Gianni Amico
1965, 35' b/n

Filmed in Bologna during this year’s jazz festival. In the film we see and listen to Gato Barbieri, Don Cherry, Cecil Taylor, Steve Lacy, Mal Waldron and others. An act of love for jazz.

Followed by

Kansas City by Robert Altman
Auditorium of Piazza Libertà | 8.45 p.m.
USA 1996, 115'

with Jennifer Jason Leigh, Miranda Richardson, Harry Belafonte, Dermot Mulroney, Michael Murphy

In 1934 Kansas City is one of the few American cities not involved in the recession oppressing the country. Favourable to gamblers and adventurers, it exercises an irresistible attraction on all those who enjoy taking risks. Jazz in this city represents something that joins together all classes. It is in this universe that the Blondie affair takes place. She is a young telegraph operator who intends saving the life of her husband by kidnapping the wife of one of the most influential politicians in Kansas City.

Almost totally concentrated in one night and the following day, marked by a soft and nocturnal photography, the film is a classical Altman’s. The parade of old and new members of the jazz world include Nicholas Payton, James Carter, Joshua Redman, Geri Allen, Ron Carter, Mark Whitfield, Christian McBride.

Concerts of 19 March

Teatro Sociale | 9.00 p.m.

Stefano Battaglia Trio


Stefano Battaglia (piano)
Salvatore Maiore (double-bass)
Roberto Dani (drums)

About the Artists

One of the best piano jazz trios on the stage today: Stefano Battaglia, Salvatore Maiore and Roberto Dani together form a vital and dynamic musical ensemble, where interplay rules.

From the middle of the Eighties the Milanese pianist has never failed to demonstrate his expressive rigor, improvisation imagination and compositional depth. Qualities that underlie a research into sound as a material to be examined from various points of view and in various spheres, from the solo piano (also in a classical-contemporary context) to the duo with various percussionists  (Pierre Favre, Tony Oxley, Michele Rabbia), from the trio to wider organics, including laboratory orchestras, the fruit of teaching activity during  Siena Jazz.

With Maiore and Dani, Battaglia recorded two albums for the German ECM, the prestigious recording label to which he has been linked since 2004: The River Of Anyder and Songways, both full of a music in constant development which in concerts is enriched by further surprising tones.

Gianluigi Trovesi - Gianni Coscia Duo


Gianluigi Trovesi (clarinet)
Gianni Coscia (accordion)

About the Artists

“The Trovesi-Coscia Duo is a Symphonic Orchestra with all the colours of music. An orchestra that sails the seas of the world on ships of the beginning of the Twentieth century and which collects, as it travels, the perfumes and humours of the world. It is intelligent curious music. Cultured and popular. Amusing but at the same time profound.

It sails the seas of the Mediterranean passing the Columns of Hercules and going on as far as the New Continent to return to Italy passing through the Central Europe.

Too many voyages, humours and too much baggage for a simple duo... If Trovesi and Coscia do not seem to be it because of their richness and complexity, it is the Orchestra of their instruments that returns us to the airy intimacy of the bows and reeds making them one of the most interesting and creative projects of recent years”.

There is little to add to these words of Paolo Fresu in order to present the well-oiled association between the player of many instruments from Bergamo and the accordion player from Alessandria, two authentic ballad singers, two extraordinary musicians without borders.

Concerts of 20 March

Teatro Donizetti | 9.00 p.m.

Jeff Ballard Fairgrounds


Lionel Loueke (guitar, vocal)
Kevin Hays (piano, keyboard, vocal)
Reid Anderson (live electronics)
Jeff Ballard (drums)

About the Artists

The series of exhibitions at the Teatro Donizetti of “Bergamo Jazz 2015” starts with the new project of one of the most versatile drummers currently on the scene. A native of California, Jeff Ballard cut his musical teeth playing in the orchestra of Ray Charles.

After moving to New York, he made a name for himself as one of the best musicians of his generation, later (in 1999) joining the Origin group of Chick Cata, with whom he also played in a trio.  He also collaborated with Eddie Harris, Bobby Hutcherson, Maria Schneider, Pat Metheny, Joshua Redman, Enrico Rava and Stefano Bollani.

In 2004 he joined the trio of Brad Mehldau, playing alongside the double-bass player Larry Grenadier, with whom Ballard set up the Fly Trio, completed by the saxophonist Mark Turner.

In 2014 his first album as leader come out, Time's Tale, made together with the saxophonist  Miguel Zenon and the guitarist from Benin, Lionel Loueke. The latter, one of the most interesting guitar-player specialists of recent decades, is now involved in Fairgrounds, together with the keyboard expert Kevin Hays and Reid Anderson, the habitual double-bass player of the Bad Plus but in this case in charge of  live electronics.

Dianne Reeves


Dianne Reeves (vocal)
Peter Martin (piano)
Romero Lubambo (guitar)
Reginald Veal (double-bass)
Terreon Gully (drums)

About the Artists

Winner of four Grammy Awards, one of which was for the sound track of the George Clooney film  Good Night and Good Luck, in which she herself appeared in her usual capacity of singer, Dianne Reeves is the sophisticated lady of contemporary jazz.

Born in Detroit, she was brought up on music from an early age: her father, who died when she was just two years old, was a singer, while her mother played the trumpet. One of her uncles, Charles Burrell, who played the double-bass in the Denver Symphony Orchestra, introduced her to the world of Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan to whom, in 2001 she dedicated the album  The Calling: Celebrating Sarah Vaughan after adopting her as her main stylistic model.

Diane Reeves’ artistic roots therefore are to be found in the most authentic tradition of vocal jazz  but her repertory also includes black, soul,  r&b, and the more intelligent pop music.  In fact, personal versions of “Waiting in Vain” by Bob Marley, “Dreams” by the Fleetwood Mac, “I Want You” by Marvin Gaye and “32 Flavors” by Ani DiFranco appear in her most recent album Beautiful Life.

Dianne Reeves will be accompanied on the stage of the Donizetti by a quartet of excellent instrumentals including the Brazilian guitarist Romero Lubambo.

After Festival of 20 March

Domus Bergamo | 6.30 p.m

An Afternoon with Miles

a guide for listening to the best works of Miles Davis
with Enrico Merlin

Secrets and mysteries of Miles Davis’ masterpieces revealed by one of the greatest international scholars and experts of the great trumpeter.

Domus Bergamo | 11.30 p.m.

Massimiliano Milesi - Enrico Merlin Duo


Massimiliano Milesi (tenor and soprano sax, electronics)
Enrico Merlin (guitar, electronics, laptop, Merlineries)

About the Artists

A madcap, rather crazy, surprising duo formed by one of the greatest musical talents that the city of Bergamo has produced in recent decades and a guitarist used to playing a wide range of music, including traditional jazz and blues, rock and electronic experimentation.

Domus Bergamo

During the ‘Bergamo Jazz’ festival the structure built in Piazza Dante to host Bergamo Events in connection with Expo 2015 will be a real jazz home, with meetings and musical events both in the afternoon and after the concerts at the Donizetti Theater, all accompanied by fine wine and top quality food.

Concerts of 21 March

Auditorium of Piazza della Libertà | 5.00 p.m.
Vijay Iyer Trio


Vijay Iyer (piano)
Stephan Crump (double-bass)
Marcus Gilmore (drums) 

About the Artists

Born of Indian parents who emigrated to the United States, Vijay Iyer studied the violin, an instrument which he later substituted with the piano. His name has been circulating for years in the most innovative jazz environments, thanks initially to collaborations with illustrious personalities such as the saxophonists Roscoe Mitchell and Steve Coleman. His knowledge of  different sound worlds also led him to form associations with the electronic alchemist DJ Spooky and with the poet and performer Mike Ladd.

He also had an important association with the saxophonist  Rudresh Mahanthappa who also has Indian roots and with whom the pianist has recorded the album Raw Materials. The trio with Stephan Crump and Marcus Gilmore made its debut with Historiciy, elected the best album of 2010 in the referendum organised by Down Beat among international critics.

Two years later he made Accelerando, which includes a new version of  “Human Nature”, a song initially interpreted by Michael Jackson and later made famous by Miles Davis. More recently, Vijay Iyer joined ECM with Mutations, recorded with a string quartet.

Teatro Donizetti | 9.00 p.m

Michael Formanek Cheating Heart Quintet


Tim Berne (alto sax)
Brian Settles (tenor sax)
Jacob Sacks (piano)
Mike Formanek (double-bass)
Dan Weiss (drums)

About the Artists

Here is a group that is a good example of the dynamic relations between composition and improvisation in the jazz of today. Its leader is a double-bass player who boasts numerous prestigious collaborations in different stylistic spheres with Joe Henderson, Tony Williams, Stan Getz, Gerry Mulligan, Freddie Hubbard, Dave Liebman, Uri Caine, Fred Hersch and Dave Burrell and many more.

Born in San Francisco in 1958, Mike Formanek also enjoys a successful association with Tim Berne, whose group Bloodcount he has also belonged to. Following this the saxophonist joined the quartet with which  Mike Formanek recorded for ECM the albums The Rub And Spare Change of 2010 and Small Places of 2012 (the quartet completed by the pianist Craig Taborn and drummer Gerald Cleaver).

Now, the Formanek – Berne association finds another occasion to play with a new formation which will include a second saxophonist, the tenor sax  Brian Settles, the pianist Jacob Sacks and the drummer Dan Weiss. The result: music supported by a natural expressive rigour combines energy and lyrical tension.

Fred Wesley and The New JB'S


Fred Wesley (trombone, vocal)
Gary Winters (trumpet, vocal)
Ernie Fields Jr. (tenor sax, flute, vocal)
Reggie Ward (guitar)
Peter Madsen (keyboard)
Dwayne Dolphin (electric bass)
Bruce Cox (drums)

About the Artists

The power of funk together with the instrumental mastery of a historic collaborator of  James Brown. An excellent trombonist, Fred Wesley was in fact one of the members of the JB’s, the glorious band of which he was also musical director and arranger, which accompanied the legendary “Mr Dynamite” in his best years.  But in his carnet of collaborations there are also other icons of black music such as  Ike and Tina Turner, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins and the same old friends of the JB Horns, the saxophonists Maceo Parker and Pee Wee Ellis, as well as the big band of Count Basie.

Fred Wesley therefore belongs to the history of funk, but also reflects its modernity: of this music, sweeping and enthralling like few others, he knows every secret and even today, just after celebrating his 70th birthday, he continues to be one of its forerunners.

In 2002 he published the autobiography Hit Me, Fred: Recollections of a Sideman, which recounts the thousands of musical adventures experienced by Fred Wesley.

After Festival of 21 March

Domus Bergamo | 11.30 p.m.

Bombardieri - Gallo - Calcagnile Trio “Play Duke”


Guido Bombardieri (alto and soprano sax)
Danilo Gallo (double bass)
Cristiano Calcagnile (battery)

About the Artists

Three musicians with varied experiences give a new analytical and succinct interpretation of the famous and not-so-famous pages of one of the top composers of the twentieth century, Duke Ellington, whose music is a collective wealth of immense value.

Domus Bergamo

During the ‘Bergamo Jazz’ festival the structure built in Piazza Dante to host Bergamo Events in connection with Expo 2015 will be a real jazz home, with meetings and musical events both in the afternoon and after the concerts at the Donizetti Theater, all accompanied by fine wine and top quality food.

Concerts of 22 March

Auditorium of Piazza della Libertà | 11.00 a.m.
Fabio Giachino Trio


Fabio Giachino (piano)
Davide Liberti (double-bass)
Ruben Bellavia (drums)
in collaboration with Jazz Club Bergamo

About the Artists

The association between “Bergamo Jazz” and Jazz Club Bergamo is renewed with the concert of an emerging talent who has already had success in important competitions: the pianist from Turin Fabio Giachino, winner in  2011 of the “Premio Internazionale Massimo Urbani (International Massimo Urbani Award)” and the “Premio Nazionale Chicco Bettinardi (Chicco Bettinardi Jazz National Award)” of Piacenza and in 2013 of the  “Concorso Nazionale Giovani Talenti (National Competition for Young Talents)”  promoted by the Bergamo association.

The trio with Davide Liberti and Ruben Bellavia (the latter also a member of the Ossi Duri, a formation which came out as the cover band of Frank Zappa) was launched in 2011 and has two albums under its belt, Introducing Myself, with the saxophonist Rosario Giuliani as guest, and Jumble UP, issued recently by Abeat. 

Auditorium of Piazza della Libertà | 5.00 p.m.

Nels Cline Singers


Nels Cline (guitar)
Trevor Dunn (double-bass)
Scott Amendola (drums)

About the artists

One of the most visionary alchemists of the guitar, or, according to Jazz Times, “the world's most dangerous guitarist”. Known in the environments of the most daring improvisation, but also among the fans of less conventional rock, thanks to his belonging, since 2004, to the  Wilcos, Nels Cline is author with the Singers of a music which is not easy to classify, a bit “new music”, a bit “improvised music”, a bit “post-rock”.

His companions in his adventure are reliable partners and with equally varied curricula: the double-bass player  Trevor Dunn has played with the Mr. Bungle and the Fantomas, groups founded together with the vocalist Mike Patton, and has collaborated assiduously with John Zorn; the drummer Scott Amendola has, on the other hand, worked with other guitar players such as Pat Martino and Charlie Hunter. Among the many collaborations of  Nels Cline we remember at least the one with his twin brother Alex, drummer, with Charlie Haden, Julius Hemphill, Wadada Leo Smith, Tim Berne, Elliott Sharp, Thurston Moat of the Sonic Youth, the trio Martin, Medeski & Wood, Julian Lage and many others.

Teatro Donizetti | 9.00 p.m.

Mark Turner Quartet


Mark Turner (tenor sax)
Ambrose Akinmusire (trumpet)
Joe Martin (double-bass)
Justin Brown (drums)

About the artists

Born in Fairborn, Ohio, in 1965, grown up in California, Mark Turner is one of the most popular American tenor saxophonists of recent years.

His background includes a careful study of illustrious predecessors such as John Coltrane and Warne Marsh, whose stylistic lesson he learned. Highly regarded by Enrico Rava, who wanted him in his album ECM New York Days which came out in 2009, also present in the very recent Joy In Spite Of Everything by Stefano Bollani, Mark Turner has played, amongst others, with Paul Motian, Lee Konitz, Brad Mehldau and Dave Douglas and with the SF Jazz Collective, with whom he played on the stage of the Teatro Donizetti in 2010.

Currently he is a member of the quartet of the drummer Billy Hart and the Fly Trio, the latter established together with Larry Grenadier and Jeff Ballard.

His first album as leader has only just come out for ECM, Lathe of Heaven, an excellent example of a jazz mindful of its own history but reaching out. Among the partners with whom  Mark Turner returns to the ‘Città dei Mille’, is the trumpet player Ambrose Akinmusire, a guest of “Bergamo Jazz” in 2012.

Palatino featuring Paolo Fresu, Glenn Ferris, Michel Benita, Aldo Romano


Paolo Fresu (trumpet)
Glenn Ferris (trombone)
Michel Benita (double-bass)
Aldo Romano (drums)

About the artists

A super group, or as they say in English, an  all stars band: we cannot define in any other way the quartet which lines up such strong and charismatic musical personalities as Paolo Fresu, former Artistic Director of “Bergamo Jazz” from 2009 to 2011, the American Glenn Ferris (veteran of an infinite number of musical battles, also alongside Frank Zappa), and two pillars of jazz from the other side of the Alps such as Michel Benita and “the Italian in Paris” by antonomasia, Aldo Romano.

The name Palatino was inspired by the train which travels between Paris and Rome, to represent a fascinating musical itinerary through which the sophisticated musical search of the four members moves. Playing astride the old and new millennium, between  1996 and 2001the group can boast three albums: Palatino (Label Bleu, 1996), Tempo (Label Bleu, 1998) and Palatino – Chap. 3 (Universal, 2001). Following this it met only exceptionally, the last time was in 2011, during the series of concerts organised in Sardinia to celebrate the 50th birthday of  Paolo Fresu. This time, they are not celebrating a birthday, but the chance to listen to Palatino live is still special.

After Festival of 22 March

Domus Bergamo | 6.30 p.m.

Jazz stories told by Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava and Aldo Romano

Parigi, Chet, Miles. Three great jazz musicians talk to each other, jam and use the art of the word as a real musical instrument.

Domus Bergamo | 7:30 p.m


Domus Bergamo

During the ‘Bergamo Jazz’ festival the structure built in Piazza Dante to host Bergamo Events in connection with Expo 2015 will be a real jazz home, with meetings and musical events both in the afternoon and after the concerts at the Donizetti Theater, all accompanied by fine wine and top quality food.

Meeting Jazz

by CDpM – Centro Didattico Produzione Musica

from 19 March 2015 to 21 March 2015
Auditorium of Piazza della Libertà | from Thursday to Saturday
9.00 - 10.30 and 10.35 - 12.00
"Jazz, Energia Dal Pianeta (Jazz, energy of the planet)”

Again this year “Bergamo Jazz” reserves a significant space to its own planning of lessons organised for pupils of primary and secondary schools. A way of introducing children to a music rich with cultural contents, through a suitable expository language and examples of live music.

The topic Jazz, energia del pianeta (Jazz, energy of the planet) connects with the spirit of Expo 2015 and the International Jazz Day sponsored by UNESCO. With Paola Milzani (vocal), Gabriele Comeglio (contralto sax), Carlo Muscat (tenor sax), Claudio Angeleri (piano), Marco Esposito (electric bass guitar), Vittorio Marinoni (drums).

The voice as an instrument from Africa to Jazz
Auditorium of Piazza della Libertà | Thursday 19 March (from 9 to 10.30 and from 10.35 to 12.00 a.m.)

During the meeting, reserved for pupils of the primary school, the links between African musical and cultural elements (polyrhythm, responsorial form, social functions of music, vocality) are demonstrated and the vocal expression of Africans, on American soil first of all (work song, blues, spiritual) and then, through jazz, all over the world, becoming a universally shared language.

Jazz, a path of freedom
Auditorium of Piazza della Libertà | Friday 20 and Saturday 21 March (from 9 to 10.30 and from 10.35 to 12.00 a.m.)

During the lesson/concert, for pupils of the first and second level secondary school, various stylistic examples are proposed taken both from the tradition of American jazz and from musical experiences (Gaetano Donizetti), rock and pop (Hendrix, Beatles) and of interdisciplinary research (Le città invisibili of Italo Calvino) so as to provide students with a picture of the directions of contemporary jazz highlighting the elements of continuity of the long historical life of jazz.


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On sale from 17 February 2015 (also online) 

Concert at the Teatro Sociale and concerts at the Auditorium of Piazza della Libertà: full price € 10.00;  reduced price € 7.50 (young people under 27 years of age, festival subscribers, members of Jazz Club Bergamo, LAB80, CDpM).
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